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Hello there. My name’s Josh. My mission and unique purpose is to combine poetic and imaginative lyricism with electronic dance music, which includes genres like trip-hop, glitch-hop, dubstep, dance, electro, electronica, hardstyle, and many more. When I am too old to rap (38), I would like to become a teacher and inspire younger generations to pursue music and gain a thorough insight into the business side. When I was growing up, I wanted to be taught what I know today, which is why I do my best to interact with my audience on levels that not many other artists can reach.

Aside from interacting with my audience, I produce, engineer, and write my own music as well. I like producing glitch-hop or trip-hop with an orchestral infusion. I’m not too keen on producing drum n bass or dubstep, but I don’t mind trying. I also create rap remixes to my favorite instrumental songs, which have helped me gain +8,000,000 views on YouTube as of December 2013, and it is only growing. These strategies have been working well, as I have worked with EDM producers and record labels from around the world (UK, Germany, Canada, France, South Africa, Italy, Chile, Sweden, Australia, Norway).

I created None Like Joshua in the fall of 2008, and my music is finally becoming a sustainable model for combining indie hip-hop with EDM. In the winter of 2011, I graduated from Loyola University of New Orleans with a Bachelor’s of Science in Music Business and created a successful business model while retaining my values in insightful lyricism with accessible electronic music. I could not be more thankful for all of my listeners who have helped spread my music. Much appreciation goes to the big artists who have featured or posted my music like Ephixa, Slyfoxhound, Bonesaw, Swedish Meal Time, Flux Pavilion, and everyone that uses my music in their projects. It means the world to me.

My vision is to be able to travel the world and perform my music. With enough time, marketing, and content, I want to turn what I see on the screen into a reality. I usually try to release one or two song-videos a week for my listeners, yet I can still find the time to teach someone how to have a flow like the ones who have influenced me: Buck 65, Sage Francis, Linkin Park, Slipknot, Jedi Mind Tricks, A Tribe Called Quest, Atmosphere, B. Dolan, Themselves and more.

Some find it difficult to label my music, especially with the name itself. Some call it nerdcore, dubrap, rapstep, electro-hop, indie rap, but as long as you enjoy it, I don’t really care what you label it. I just want you to hear a story you have never heard before and words you never thought could blend with EDM. Too many EDM rappers sound the same and don’t care enough to help their listeners understand how to be like them. I am here to break down that wall between the listener and the artist. Talk to me, learn from me, delve into my mind as I refuse to cover it up with braggadocio and sedation. I am a human being like you. I feel, experience, share, and imagine. I want my music to show that I am not afraid to explore psychology, philosophy, alternate realties and dimensions. I only create what I enjoy as a human being.

Thank you for your time and if you have any other questions, e-mail me at josh@nonelikejoshua.com, and I hope to see you on your side of the world soon. Until then…

Quick Third-Person Bio:


What comes to mind when you think of a rapper? It’s most likely that None Like Joshua would be the last thing you think of. As a versatile wordsmith and experimental producer, Josh dabbles through a diverse set of music genres and topics to rap about. Rapping over hip-hop, dubstep, electro, orchestral, electronica and more, he believes there isn’t a genre he can’t master. The topics he raps about ranges from politics, ninjas and robots, internet freedom to psychological challenges, society, and post-apocalyptic warfare, but what brought him to the forefront of rap music is the support from big EDM producers like Flux Pavilion & Ephixa and collaborations with youtubers like Veela, Boyinaband, Dan Bull, Slyfoxhound & more, plus the thousands of fans who have shared one of his 160+ songs he’s created in his career.

With over 8 million views, Josh is taking over the internet with his music that moves from nerdcore to political raps to glitch-hop productions that anyone can dance and rock out to. Accomplishing countless blog features, big collaborations, and raking in the views, Josh “isn’t your average rapper. None Like Joshua comes in with a style like Mike Shinoda’s, but dreams further than the stars rapping over some of the hottest dubstep beats,” according to FreshNewTracks. Learn why there are none like him: nonelikejoshua.com.





      • “After listening to his music, it boggles my mind why he doesn’t have millions of subscribers! He’s that good! Believe it!” -MyMusicShow.TV
      • “…Joshua isn’t your average rapper. None Like Joshua comes in with a style like MIke Shinoda’s, but dreams further than the stars rapping over some of the hottest dubstep beats.” -FreshNewTracks
      • “None Like Joshua may be the nerdiest rapper since MC Paul Barman, but that doesn’t mean he’s not talented” -The Score
      • “He has a great flow and throws down some crazy lines.” – TMFaktory
      • “Up-beat and charged with power, None Like Joshua has a style of delivery that will set the listener back on their heels, reeling from the heavy blow dealt so close to their heart.” -Dubstep.net
      • “NoneLikeJoshua is an EDM indie rapper who knows what’s cool.” – VISO Music
      • “Josh is a great guy, an awesome lyrical mastermind, and just all around epical” – Interview with Gizmofusion
      • “his lyrics are compelling enough to make the listener want more” -The Wolf Magazine
      • “his music dabbles in different genres from folk-rock to hip-hop to give his music a special taste” -The Maroon
      • “never seen spitting like this before, strange but imaginative” -Flux Pavilion
      • “Oh shit!!! You caught me by complete surprise. GOOD JOB!” on my Lost Woods Remix-xXSlyFoxHoundXx
      • “None Like Joshua is building a following of devoted fans because-to put it bluntly-he gives a shit” -Athinkcloud
      • “It’s in fact mostly Hip Hop… but I liked his music so much, I’m gonna post it anyway :)” -Dr House Music
      • “You see why NLJ has become my new love now? With his aggressive flow, so he tried to Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites and Reptiles of Skrillex (special mention for the “mothafuckin ‘Reptile!”), The mythical Basshead of Bassnectar, and so on” -We Love Dub
      • “…don’t forget the incredible vocals by None Like Joshua!” – ElectroHooligans
      • “A talented musician who gives us intelligent, real lyrics.” – Lenar
      • “…phenomenal talents for music writing, lyric writing and music production…” – The Northern Corner
      • “With all that said and done, it’s good to know that the future of music is safe in the very capable hands of Musicians like Josh.” – Explosion.com

Notable Collaborations


      • J-1 (Neon Records)
      • Karasho & Qubit (Caliber Music)
      • Mr. Bill (Section Z)
      • Seamless (Adapted & FiXt Records)
      • The Noisy Freaks (Tasty Records)
      • Telmini (Play Me, We Do It)
      • Bullwack (Play Me)
      • JustRock (Shake Your Ass)
      • Ephixa (Monstercat)
      • Grimehouse (On A Break Digital)
      • Matduke (Monstercat)
      • SubVibe (Subvibe Records)
      • Antoine Lavenant (Burn Up)
      • B*E*N*T (Big Fat Bass)
      • Bustre (Subsphere & Monstercat)
      • Dr. Deimos (Big Fat Bass)
      • Mizuki (Circus)
      • Kodak Beatboxer
      • Boyinaband
      • Veela
      • Dan Bull


Labels Worked With


      • Dub All or Nothing
      • Caliber Music
      • On A Break Digital
      • Starblocks Music
      • Joypad Records
      • Tasty Records
      • Section Z Records
      • Adapted Records

Has Opened for:


Past Venues Played:


        • The Masquerade (Atlanta, Ga)
        • GO Bar (Athens, Ga)
        • Cafe Prytania (New Orleans, La)
        • The Howlin’ Wolf Den (New Orleans, La)
        • The Hi-Ho Lounge (New Orleans, La)
        • The Babylon Lounge (Metarie, La)
        • The Frat House (New Orleans, La)
        • The Dragon’s Den (New Orleans, La)
        • The Cadillac Club (LaPlace, La)
        • The Metropolitan Club [DJ set] (New Orleans, La)
        • The Palms Club [DJ set] (New Orleans, La)
        • El Corazon (Seattle, WA)
        • Omnicon 2013 (McAllen, TX)


Years performing as an artist: Since fall, 2008

Songs published during career: 176+

Top cities I could fill 50 -100 person capacity venues

        • London, UK
        • Melbourne, Aus
        • Sydney, Aus
        • Atlanta, GA
        • Brisbane, Aus
        • Houston, TX
        • New York, NY
        • Perth, Aus
        • Adelaide, Aus
        • Los Angeles, CA
        • Toronto, ON, Can
        • Chicago, IL
        • San Antonio, TX
        • Las Vegas, NV
        • New Orleans, LA
        • Auckland, NZ

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Similar artists: Kid Cudi, Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park, Sage Francis, Flobots, Foreign Beggars, Dope D.O.D., and P.O.S.

Performing Rights Society:




        • Thirst for Knowledge EP (prod. None Like Joshua & more) – Jan. 2014
        • Maniac Devices (prod. None Like Joshua) – Oct. 2010 (Free Download)
        • Fallen (prod. PITCHEDsenses) – Nov. 2011 (Free Download)
        • The Impermanent (prod. None Like Joshua) – Feb. 2012 (Free Download)
        • Possession EP (prod. Grimehouse) – Sep. 2012 (On A Break Records)
        • Written Down EP (prod. Pawel K.) – Dec. 2012 (Free Download)
        • Buy This Song EP (prod. Telmini) – Mar. 2013 (Dub All Or Nothing Records)
        • Super Mario Cypher (prod. None Like Joshua) – May. 2013 (Joypad Records)
        • Free Download Singles produced every week


Live Requirements


        • One microphone
        • AUX or 1/4 inch cable with adapter or 1/8 inch cable to plug into laptop.
        • Drumset may be implemented

Can play from 15 to 60 minutes

None Like Joshua None Like JoshuaNone Like Joshua None Like Joshua None Like Joshua None Like Joshua
None Like JoshuaNone Like JoshuaNone Like Joshua

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